Bestfans Sdn. Bhd. HVLS fans are produced with high quality materials and parts, adopting principle of aeroplane propeller for manufacturing. Its unique design with advantages of comfort, high efficiency and energy saving as well as high reliability and safety has made it an ideal substitute for traditional industrial fans and air-conditioners. Our products and service have covered whole China region, Australia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and Brazil, Asia, Middle East and South America.

Main Applications

Applied in occasion that with no special technological requirements

  • Accelerate air ventilation
  • Mixture refresh air
  • Solve stiflingly hot and improper ventilation circumstance problem
  • To improve people comfort such as industrial factory building, warehouse and so on.
  • Aeration cooling or anti-mold desiccant for some humidity sensing equipment and goods
  • To control environment reasonably to prolong life, reduce maintenance cost such as agricultural products, processing industry and so on.


Use cooperatively with air conditioning system

  • Can increase or reduce conditioner temperature 2° to 3°C,
  • Can decrease load effectively and reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce operation and maintenance cost for conditioner system
  • To enhance comfort degree such as marketplace, supermarket, auditorium, stadium and so on.

Bestfans HVLS Advantages

  • Large Coverage & Energy Efficient
    One unit of 7.2m Bestfans HVLS coverage can reach 1400m2 , in ideal condition even bigger and its power dissipation is just about 1.5kw, their high energy efficiency is without a doubt.
  • Safe & Reliable
    Perfect structural design, top quality material selection, strict quality control, each excelsior detail reflect our unremitting pursuit for excellent quality, which the root safeguard for Bestfans.
  • Silent & Comfortable
    Within the scope of coverage, rotating blades produces large areas low speed airflow and accelerate sweat evaporation continuously, mixture refresh air, take away heat like summer cool breeze under dense shade.
  • Long Service Life & High Returns
    One unit of Bestfans HVLS service life is above 15 years, electric fee saving within the life time is extremely considerable and almost maintenance fee, low usage cost which are the important factors that most customers make choice.

Recommended Applications


Mosque & Public Building

Temperature, air quality and noise level are the three most important factors when considering intensive personnel in commercial environment. Our commercial line fans are specially designed from the ground up to deliver the benefits of HVLS fans to commercial spaces and air-conditioned environments.

Factory Building

Most of manufacturing centers face the same issue, extreme temperature can negatively affect product integrity, energy cost and employees comfort. Once temperature reaches 35o C, productivity begins to decline. A strong correlation also exists between heat and work-related accidents. Powerful airflow can lower effective temperatures and reduce heat related accidents while improving overall comfort.

Logistic Warehouse

Warehouse and distribution centers are difficult to keep cool in summer. Elevated temperatures and high humidity may lead to not only lower productivity but also danger for employees. Heatstroke, chest distress and other discomfort able symptoms caused by stuffy environment will be minimized when Bestfans are adopted.



Livestock ownership usually feel stuck with decrease in production animals which area caused by high temp and humidity and may lead to heavy economy losses. When in colony house, Bestfans will accelerate indoor air circulation, mix fresh air rapidly and carry away massive amounts of heat. A good environment is created for the growth of flock and herd. This brings great benefits in production and economy.


Installation Method


Installation Conditions


Bestfans HVLS FAQ

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Q: What does HVLS stand for?

A: High-volume low-speed (HVLS) fan is a type of mechanical fan greater than 7 feet (2.1 m) in diameter. HVLS fans are generally ceiling fans although some are pole mounted. HVLS fans move slowly and distribute large amounts of air at low rotational speed– hence the name “high volume, low speed.”

Q: How does air circulate below and outward from the Bestfans HVLS Fan?

A: Air is pulled from above an industrial fan and pushed down in a conical shape to the floor below. Air travels in this cone shape until it hits the floor and then moves in a horizontal stream away from the diameter of the fan. The fan will move air up to 85 feet from the fan’s center in all directions.

Q: How do I know what size HVLS fan is needed?

A: Size does matter when placing Bestfans HVLS Fans. Larger diameter fans will move air further down rack aisles and over some obstructions. Smaller diameter fans can be most effective in specific work areas or where installation space is limited.

  • Air velocity will vary throughout the zones depending on the industrial fan’s diameter and speed setting.
  • When used for cooling people, choose a Bestfans HVLS Fan that moves air at a minimum of 2 mph in the targeted zone.
  • The minimum air speed needed for destratification is 1/2 mph.

Q: What is the recommended spacing for the Bestfans HVLS Fans?

A: There are multiple variables that are taken into account when placing an HVLS fan. Request a site survey from your Bestfans Fan Representative.

Q: What is the ideal mounting height for a fan?

A: Because HVLS fans uses the air from above it, there is a minimum clearance required between the fan blades and the ceiling. Bestfans HVLS Fans have different minimum clearance requirements based on diameter.

If the ceiling support structure is an open-web design, all hanging dimensions can be taken from the underside of the ceiling. If the ceiling’s support structure is a solid beam or solid channel, all measurements must be taken using the bottom of the beam as the basis point for the hanging dimension. If the roof is pitched, this must also be accounted for above the tips of the blades. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in limited air movement by the fan

Q: What if the minimum distance to the ceiling deck is not available?

A. There are several options available. Request a site survey from your Bestfans Fan Representative.

Q: How close can you mount an HVLS fan to obstructions like mezzanines or racking?

A: The closer you are to obstructions, the more turbulent the air is. Air will bounce off things in close proximity and cause turbulent air movement that will affect an industrial fan’s performance. When possible, keep blade tips at least two fan blade lengths from walls or solid obstructions.

Q: What size Bestfans HVLS Fan can fit between lights or sprinklers in a grid?

A: A light or sprinkler grid can use an industrial fan with a larger diameter than the grid itself. See example below, a 12′ diameter industrial fan fits into a 10′ grid.

Q: What functions are on the control box of a Bestfans HVLS Fan?

A: Each Bestfans Fan comes with a membrane touch pad control box that includes on/off, speed adjustment and forward/reverse settings. The compact box fits into a standard electrical housing. The controls can be covered by a standard lockable thermostat cover.

Q: What does the variable-frequency-drive do?

A: The variable-frequency drive allows you to control the fan’s speed. It also transforms single phase power to 3 phase power if needed.

Q: What planned maintenance is required?

A: Minimal planned maintenance is required. Please reference the Installation and Owner’s Manual.

Q: What safety features are built-in to the design and installation of a Bestfans HVLS Fan?

A: There are several safety features included with every Revolution HVLS Fan:
1. Cable(s) that wrap around the bolted brackets at the ceiling and the top of the extension tube; and around the bottom of the extension tube and the top of the motor housing. Depending on the installation, this is achieved by using one (1) to three (3) cables.
2. Four stabilization cables from the motor housing to ceiling limit vibration and provide added safety.
3. The hub is attached to motor with a reverse-threaded bolt and tapered aluminum bushing.
4. A unique safety ring is provided for back-up security for the motor to hub connection. Each hub “blade arm” is connected to the safety ring.